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Is Lemuria a real thing?

For those who don't know me, I am a professed Lemurian goddess who, at times, yearns for life way back when! My knowledge is a combination of remembering and investigation. However, it is quite difficult to quantify information about #Lemuria as many encounters are just that, remembering. It is important to feel into your sense of Lemuria. I hope to shed some light onto the subject of Lemuria and #Lemurianseedcrystals according to me.

My first encounter with the idea of Lemuria was during a meditation where I was seemingly experiencing a past life as a crystal alchemist in a beautiful, abundant land. I was intimately connected to the consciousness of the crystalline aspects of the earth. In charge of refilling the crystals with life force from the depths of mother earth. I held a never-emptying vase of pure Gaia light and I went around pouring this light into all the crystals in the land. I have mad many other visions and guidance from my Lemurian Guides and my higher self about how to incorporate the ethos of Lemuria into life now.

Now, from research I have done, here is as thorough explanation as I can give:

Lemuria was a time pre-Atlantis. It was an epoch of humanity here on earth that possibly spanned across parts of Africa, Asia, India, Australia. Mu was the original name for the original land of mankind, and it is thought that all subsequent civilizations descended from here.

Lemuria existed in the 5th-dimension up to 8th and 10th Dimension. Pure Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness was the energetic blueprint and the beings were not physical until towards the end of the later half. The beings were in fact more ethereal/light, expressions of source to start the process of consciousness experiencing itself.

They had no language or memory as such - they used instinct, telepathic abilities and "knowing", especially about plants, animals and the Earth elements. They created reality by dreaming it into existence and during this time co-existed with Elementals, Angels and worked in harmony with the Dolphin race. It is believed that Dolphins are 12th dimensional beings who hold the grid of light Earth Matrix in their brain structure. The dolphins communicated with us during Lemurian times in holographic form patterns, sending transmissions from their brains to assist humans in holding Gaia’s light grid matrix.

It is theorised that the Lemurian civilisation was wiped out by a great flood that occurred around 12,000 years ago. When they foresaw it's ending some went into what was to become #Atlantis, some seeded the world with crystals containing their knowledge in order to accelerate the return to the next cycle and some went into the earth.

It was important for Lemuria to fall and Atlantis to rise for consciousness needed to experience itself in the masculine/mind/mental and as a polarity to the feminine/heart in order to experience itself in 3D. We are being called back to the feminine now, to raise our consciousness again to 5D. We need now to come together to remember that we are one and unite in the Divine to heal #Gaia and the collective.

It is believed that is why Lemurian crystals are embedded with codes from this time. These can be seen as horizontal lines and geometrical fragments which are commonly referred to as “memories”. They can look like ridges and geometry running along their length which can be "read" by running a finger along them, like reading Braille, and are considered a stairway to heaven. I liken them to a portal into the infinite to access knowledge and activations. The information within each point contains powerful energy that shows us our 'knowing'. These can be soul missions, Spiritual paths, oneness, healing, DNA upgrades and how to ascend to the next level of #consciousness.

Lemurian seed crystals give us a sense of unity, reminding us that we are all one consciousness. We are all beings of divine love no matter if we are good or bad, and what happens to one affects us all. This is a reassurance to show us that we're all connected in one way or another. They provide true heart opening and healing of the emotional body. They help help rebalance that nurturing, loving, spiritual and sensuous consciousness lost by much of humanity. They emanate a yin, feminine energy and are powerful for healers to work with and for meditation. In this way, Lemurian Seed Crystals help with loneliness, reminding us that we are always connected to others and are all equal in spirit. Pink Lemurians will deal more with compassion, Lithium Lemurians will help with the stress associated with growth and change in this phase of our evolution. They are excellent crystals for children who feel uncomfortable being here or in their body, reminding of the celestial origins. They can be used as gateways for communion with healing guides, and like other quartz will amplify the energy of other crystals.

It is believed by many that some Lemurians decided to build a separate society inside Mt. Shasta, where they would be safe from any disruptions on the surface of the earth. It is believed that this city "Telos" houses 1.5 millions Lemurians inside Mt. Shasta.

With love an appreciation for all those who resonate

Claire Brown

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