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HI, I'm Claire, a mum of three, and the owner of Freshwater Wellness Centre and  Bright Light Crystal Healing and Mentorship, on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

I am fully tapped into my Lemurian Divine Feminine consciousness.

I am here to hold space for you and brighten up the world bit by bit! 

I use the powerful frequencies of Crystals and remembered knowledge of Lemuria in my healing practice. I can help you to identify the emotional pain body, reconnect the body and soul, tap into powerful intuitive and ethereal processes and raise consciousness.

At the end I always give my clients personalised and easy to use take-home tools to keep the vibes high!

To book in, see the options below.

In the Brightest Love and Light,

Claire xxx


When we trust our body and trust in Source, we can tap into the powerful reservoir of energy within and around us - we can literally do anything!

As I say to my kids:

"light and love always wins".

I combine Lemurian Crystal Healing, Biopsychology, Frequency Healing and Aromatherapy to assist you on your inner healing journey.

Booking Your Bright Light Heals Treatment is easy

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Crystal Mentorship


Connect to Crystals and gain knowledge about choosing the right crystals that you are needing.

45 minutes


This is designed to assist you on your personal crystal connection journey.

In this session we will go through what physical/emotional things that may be affecting you as well as a Soul connection exercise. You will receive personalised crystal mentorship - what, when, where, how and why. Be ready with a clear intention on what you would like to achieve with your crystal use.


This can be done in person or remotely over the phone.

You may also like to bring in your own crystal collection and I can show you the what, why and how to use them!

Image by LUM3N

Online Remote Energy Healing

1-to-1 Soul Meditation, breath work, energy clearing and more

1 hour


This session is a remote energy healing journey. It will start with a short discussion and then lead to guided mediations and breathwork as well as a comprehensive energy clearing of your Chakras and auric field. 

Image by Julian Hochgesang


Aromatherapy Massage, Pain-body release, Lemurian Crystal Healing, Soul Path

(Highly recommended as the first session with me if you are new to crystal healing)


1.5 hours


Specifically designed to raise consciousness through releasing chronic Issues


We will go through your personal health history and look at your Diamond Light Numerology Soul Path.

You will receive a 15 minute relaxation personalised aromatherapy massage to reset your central nervous system. Then you will be guided in a personalised meditation to start the connecting and releasing process. Lemurian Crystal Chakra balancing will be done at this time too.

It is vital that you complete the health questionnaire before attending this appointment. This will be emailed to you after you make the booking.


Lemurian Crystal Healing

1-to-1 Soul Meditation, and Lemurian Crystal

Chakra Balancing

1 hour


Lemurian Crystal Healing and meditation

This session is an intense crystal healing journey. It will start with an Aura and Chakra scan to address energy blockages, and then tap into my Lemurian guides for crystal healing placement on the body. This then flows into a personalised guided meditation where we connect the body to the mind and Soul so it can release what it needs to. 

Contact Claire

Thank you - sending vibes your way

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